Welcome, Last Update: Oct 5, 2018

The PRN Admins have been formulating rule changes for the 2018 season and this is to advise of the status of the changes and explain the reasons behind them.

The 2017 season was the best in recent years. We had strong fields throughout the season and thecompetition was challenging yet respectful.The season stats showed cautions, incidents, and DNFs all significantly down and total laps completed up. A big part of these improvements were the result of the excellent drivers that joined the league this season. Most importantly, we had a solid core of 20 drivers who participated in 26 or more races. The league’s desire to build on these successes for the 2018 season has been the motivation in developing these new rules.

As stated in the rules: “The foundation of this league is friendship through competition,” and “League before self.” These have long been the guiding principles of the league. Therefore, we strive for a rules package that promulgate these principles. The league also recognizes that: “This league’s best asset is its drivers,” and “Good drivers make a great league.”

With the above in mind we’ve decided to implement a “charter option” for 2018 season:

All drivers will have a chance to purchase a charter for the series they intend on running for points.

Charters will be made available for all drivers who wish to compete fully in each of our top 3 series
class A 25$, B 15$, & C 10$ or all 3 for 35$.
Drivers can purchase one, two, or all three charters depending what they intend on doing.
(racing for one, two, or three championships)

Charter Benefits
  1. single or double digit number
  2. eligibility for the clean driver award
  3. free provisional points for up to 5 races
  4. incident demerit points cleared up to 5 per race (but go over 5 and all the incident points count fully)
  5. no incident bonus points doubled from 5 to 10 per race
  6. regular season attendance bonus doubled to start chase
  7. driver disconnects prior to checkers - penalties waved

(no charter, provisional points will cost 5$ per race, notice and payment must be made prior to the race start)


We may look at league contribution to give a Charter to less fortunate members
  1. monetary donations (equal to or greater than charter) or sponsorship
  2. being an active admin
  3. sharing setups openly to all members
  4. mentoring, helping drivers be more competitive
  5. actively recruiting for the league (not including team members)

The point of this system is twofold. First, and principally, it is to reward those drivers who are the core of the league. Charter membership provides significant advantages for those who compete for championships. This, we believe, will encourage strong competition among those who are most committed to PRN’s realistic racing. Charter membership is an option only and those who wish to race with us on a less than regular basis are still welcome to do so but simply won’t have the benefits of charter participants.

Secondly, for many years the league has survived minimally on donations. There has also been some sponsorship, though neither the sponsorships nor the donations have enabled the league to reach its fullest potential. With implementation of the charter system, we anticipate sufficient funding to provide for some race broadcasts, championship awards, and potentially even a point fund. These league bonuses are often asked for by drivers and they’ve been long desired by league admin, but they are expensive to implement. Also, in the past we’ve had many drivers donate to the league when a request for donations has been made but it tends to be the same small set of drivers. The charter system will more fairly spread out the cost of league expenses among core members as well as enable league benefits.

In 2017 we noted a few drivers who would join to race, run until they crashed out (regardless of fault) and then disconnect from the server. Some, we suspect, may be using the league as simply test sessions for their teams and/or official races outside of the league. Though we are open to any quality driver who wishes to race with us we feel that this type of participation does not come up to the league standard of “league before self.” Therefore, we are implementing the following rule:


In 2018 if a driver without a charter disconnects prior to the checkers without valid reason a 10 point deduction is added to finishing points (as determinded by admins). Also, a review of the disconnect reason. If a non-charter member causes incidents to a charter member and disconnects without admin approval, a 1 race suspension will be handed out.

The point is to discourage those who join simply to run fast for a few laps, crash out, and then exit the race while potentially ruining the race for others as well. This happened several times during last season and admins received complaints. Hopefully the rule will discourage this type of conduct and encourage anyone who races with us, charter member or not, to participate fully and in good faith. Charter members are exempt from this rule and exceptions to the rule can be made for disconnections due to unintended circumstances such as technical and/or unexpected personal issues.

These are the most significant rules changes for next season. Any driver who wishes to comment, give an opinion, provide suggestions, or needs additional explanation should contact PRN Admin via PremierRaceNetwork@gmail.com

Thank you and we are already looking forward to another great season in 2018.

The PRN clean driving, is sponsored by Clicking With Canines to award our Class A's cleanest driver of the year.

In 2017 the PRN put in place a set of rules to encourage clean racing with incident point deduction and zero incident bonus points.

Our 2017 drivers would battle fiercely to win races and the championship. With the new rules our final stats are very encouraging and show significant improvement over 2016.

The PRN is proud to have this type of stat at our top level! Congratulations to all the drivers!

Clean Driver awarded to Pat McWhorter
The PRN clean driving, is sponsored by Clicking With Canines to award our Class A's cleanest driver of the year.

In 2017 Pat would compete for the championship in Class A finishing 2nd in points with 36 starts, 3 poles, 3 wins, 16 top 5's 24 top 10's and the least amount of incidents over the year. Congratulations!

Our 2017 Champion Tom Ohmit 2nd, Tim Phillips 3rd, Jason Moon 4th, Ned Adams rounding out the top 5 in the Clean Driver Award.

The PRN is proud to have Pat McWhorter win this award! He has demonstrated the true gentlemen racing that can exist at our top level!

Feb 15, 2015 - Clicking with Canines again sponsors PRN Clean Driver in 2018

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