PRN incident penalties rules update

Posted By: Admin On Sept 13th, 2016

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PRN Incident penalties

In keeping with the PRN league’s effort to focus drivers on clean, safe racing the following policy is being implemented at the start of the 2016 PRN Chase:

1) All incident points given to each driver by the iRacing service during a race will be DEDUCTED from each driver’s point total for that race. For example, if a driver earns 38 points at the finish of a race but has incurred 8 incident points, the driver’s race point total for that race will be reduced to 30 points.

2) The “incident cap” disqualification rule has been revoked. There is no limit on the number of incident points a driver can incur.

3) However, if a driver incurs 16 or over incident points in TWO CONSECUTIVE RACES, the driver will forfeit starting in the next race on the schedule. The driver may, however, start in a lower series.

(Justification: The average “incidents per race” for the top 25 drivers in the first 26 races of the 2016 season is 7.9 incidents per race. Therefore, any driver who receives 16 or more incident points in a race is incurring over TWICE the average of the top 25 drivers. If this is occurring in consecutive races the driver is deemed to be an impediment to other drivers and it is an indication that the driver may need time assess their problems.)

Mid-season standings for the PRN Clean Driver of the Year Award
(Sponsored by Steve Benjamin and Clicking With Canines)

Posted By: Admin On Aug 7th, 2016

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The intent of the award is to promote and reward clean driving in the PRN Cup series. Below are the drivers and points earned at the mid-season mark toward the Clicking With Canines/PRN Clean Driver of the Year Award.

Per award rules, the driver at the finish of the last race of the season who is in the clean driver point lead will be the 2016 Clicking With Canines/PRN Clean Driver of the Year and be awarded an additional 100 points. All drivers who have accumulated clean driver points will receive a monetary payout of $1.00 per point.

As a reminder, to be eligible to earn clean driver points in each race drivers must finish in the top 20, complete at least half of the race laps, and compete in 21 of the first 26 PRN races (including provisionals).

(thru race 17, Daytona)

Points - Driver
19-Mark Montenieri
11-Sam Karpouzos
10-Jason Moon
10-Pat McWhorter
10-John Hammer
6 - Jeff Hale, Sr.
6 - Ned Adams
5 - Wayne Grasse
5 - Matthew Scott
4 - Brian Bennett
4 - Michael Blake
3 - Michael E. Campbell
2 - Tim Philips
2 - Jesse Kaplan
2 - Fred Scarfi
2 - Gil Gauck
1 - George Gaulin

Driver notice

Posted By: Admin On July 24th, 2016

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Our admins have reviewed the last few replays, and it has been determined that a strong hand will be needed in our upcoming races. All drivers in the Premier Race Network will be informed that enough is enough, over aggressive moves will be penalized, any driver causing a caution due to over aggessive moves will be black flagged! Again, we ask that all drivers think of the their fellow competitor and give him the respect deserved.

2016 'Clicking With Canines'/PRN Clean Driver of the Year Award

Posted By: Admin On April 9th, 2016

The intent of this award is to promote and reward clean driving in the PRN Cup Series. For the 2016 season the award has been structured to enable competition for the PRN Clean Driver of the Year designation.

As many as five finishing positions in each race can now earn points toward the award and the driver with the most points, irrespective of race season point standings, will be the PRN Clean Driver of the Year and receive a bonus monetary payout. The total amount potentially up for grabs is $640.00 so clean driving can definitely payoff in the 2016 PRN Cup season.


1. For each of the 36 races in the PRN Cup Series points will be awarded for drivers finishing in the top 20 positions with ZERO

incidents as follows:


Next highest finisher: 4 points

Next highest finisher: 3 points

Next highest finisher: 2 points

Next highest finisher: 1 point

2. A driver must complete at least 50% of the laps in a race to earn points for that race.

3. At the conclusion of the 36 race season the driver who has accumulated the most points will be designated the PRN Clean Driver of the Year and be awarded a bonus of 100 points.

4. In the event of a tie, the driver finishing higher in the final point standings will prevail.

5. All drivers who have earned points during the season will be sent monetary awards at the conversion rate of 1 point = $1.00. Monetary award amounts of $25.00 or less will be provided via iRacing gift credits.

6. All drivers eligible to compete in the PRN Cup Series are eligible for the award.

7. This award is intended for drivers who consistently participate throughout the season and therefore must compete in 21 of the first 26 races in order to maintain eligibility.

8. If a driver misses MORE THAN TWO CONSECTIVE races without Administrator notice and approval that driver will forfeit any previously earned points AND be ineligible to earn points in subsequent races.

9. Taking a provisional does not affect eligibility as long as notice has been given to the Administrator.

10. Any driver who is found in violation of PRN League Rules (or the iRacing Sporting Code) and/or determined by the league Administrator to have engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct during a race will be ineligible to earn points FOR THAT RACE..

2016 PRN Rules Updated

Posted By: Admin On April 9th, 2016

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Our rules page has been totally reworked and is now officially ready to read. All drivers in the Premier Race Network will be informed that this year we will not tolerate drivers pounding on eachother. Any driver calling out another driver will be black flagged!

2016 Retro Paints

Posted By: Admin On April 9th, 2016

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Again this year our league will run some ole school paints in some of our official races. So many neat paint schemes from years past. Last year Ned Adams had them one real significant paint in memory of HOF driver Buddy Baker! As the years roll on, our race world changes drivers move on changes teams some retire. We like to keep them all in mind and pay the respect they deserve.

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