(March 4, 2008 Modified Race Recap)
Stafford Motor Speedway this week! Midknight takes pole for the Modified qualifier race. Midknight would lead every lap on way to the victory. Johnny would finish 2nd, Ned would 3rd, T Man 4th and Senneker would round out the top 5. Johnny would close but not manage the pass, great racing grabbing 2nd. Congratulations Midknight!

Pole Midknight, 19.705 mph (91.347 s.)
Front Runner Midknight, 30 laps Lead
Meet the Challenge T Man, 3 places improved
Headache Notforgot3, 4 places dropped
Diehard Racer Notforgot3

(February 17, 2008 Cup Race Recap)
The 2008 PRN Cup Series starts Feb 17, 2008 at Daytona. After weeeks of practice all the drivers were jittery, the usual fast guys were holding the starting grid hostage. Midknight would land the first Cup pole of 2008. Jack would pass and lead the first laps, 15 drivers would follow hoping to lead at one point in the race. Last years Champion Ned, and Midknight last years runner up would get to the front quickly. The race had 12 lead changes amoung 9 drivers way up from last year. The high line was drawing drivers in but couldn't pass the inside line making it like Midknight would say "a parade"! The race came down to lap 98 when the final caution came out freezing the field and handing the win over to T Man. Ned would hold on for 2nd, Midknight 3rd, Notforgot3 4th, and Cam rounding out the top 5. Next we are off to California, the real racing begins!

Pole Midknight, 47.865 mph (188.029 s.)
Front Runner N Adams, 31 laps Lead
Meet the Challenge Notforgot3, 5 places improved
Headache Georgec5614, 11 places dropped
Diehard Racer C King

(February 7, 2008 AERO Race Recap)
Ned takes the pole at Michigan. The race at Michigan had 2 new drivers; Kerlan driving the #12 Chevy and Georgec5614 driving the #42 Dodge, both would have handling issue. The lead was exchange 22 time amoung 4 drivers, and the race would be between KCirrad, Ned, T Man, and Chadrox at the end. Ned would make a last ditch effort to pass KCirrad on the last lap, drifting up the corner and making enough contact to send KCirrad's #96 off into the wall. His night was done, Ned would hold off Chadrox to the checkers to win his first of 2008. KCirrad and Ned would talk, and it all came down to a racing incident. Stay tuned Daytona is coming up next!

Pole N Adams, 39.997 mph (180.014 s.)
Front Runner N Adams, 40 laps Lead
Meet the Challenge Chadrox, 5 places improved
Headache Midknight, 4 places dropped
Diehard Racer C King

(February 5, 2008 Modified Race Recap)
For the forth week in a row, Ned wins the PRN Modified Qualifier Race. Ned would take the pole and on the drop of the green flag would ease his #66 Ford into the first turn. Midknight just didn't brake in time, Ned would slide his car through turn 2. KCirrad would grab the lead for 4 laps! Ned would regain the lead and never look back! 4 in a row for the #66 Ford!

Pole N Adams, 17.163 mph (104.877 s.)
Front Runner N Adams, 21 laps Lead
Meet the Challenge T Man, 2 places improved
Headache Big Dave, 2 places dropped
Diehard Racer Big Dave

(January 31, 2008 PRN AERO Race Recap)
Fuel! Jack would take advantage and pull off the win at the Coca Cola Super Speedway. The #40 would out last all the others to pull of the win. Big Dave would lead the most laps yet fall short. Again Ned would have some bad luck, it would cost Cam and T Man a chance at the win. The race would come down to Midknight, KCirrad, Big Dave, Senneker and Jack. KCirrad would be the first to loss power Senneker would run right into the back of him and removing him from contention. Jack would split Midknight and Big Dave to pull off the win!

Pole T Man, 58.508 mph (184.59 s.)
Front Runner Big Dave, 9 laps Lead
Meet the Challenge J King, 4 places improved
Headache C Barth, 6 places dropped
Diehard Racer C Barth

Dirt Trackin testing, the #2 car wins by .002 of a second...Racing The Way it Should Be!

Our league races are by invitation only.

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